Expand Your Marketing Reach With A Custom Vehicle Sign

custom vehicle sign

Advertising any business takes on a variety of forms. A car magnet is a cost-effective, low maintenance marketing method – an ad on wheels. Car magnets and decals are a highly visible, easily affordable way to increase awareness of your brand because they provide ongoing exposure of your logo. Think about it: bumper sticker marketing and advertising of years past are still in use because they prove the effectiveness of vehicle advertising. A custom vehicle sign takes bumper sticker marketing up a notch – in size, in placement, and in effectiveness.

Why is vehicle marketing so effective? Because cars are in motion on the road 24-hours a day. When they’re not in motion, they’re parked – sometimes strategically. Whether your personal or company car is parked or on the road, it can become a marketing machine when you adorn it with a custom vehicle sign. It makes your car stand out from the others around it, gets noticed by current and potential clients, and puts your competition in your rearview mirror.

Custom car decals allow you to combine the ease of digital technology and design with the grassroots reach of old school marketing. Click here to start designing yours. Choose from four sizes ranging from 20”X28” to 24”X60”. Click the Design It button and start adding images to your design. Upload your logo, mascot, or emblem or choose an image from our extensive library of clipart. Our font library lets you add text – like your contact info, URL, and tagline – to your design. One of the best uses of that text is a call to action that garners responses.

While designing your custom vehicle sign, make sure your images are large enough to be seen and your text is easy to read whether the vehicle is parked or in motion. Create one for your personal car or one for each car in your small business fleet. Complete your design and leave the rest to us. We’ll custom make your vehicle decal in our professional facility and have it delivered to your door quickly.

Your small business isn’t alone – sports teams and community organizations also benefit from custom vehicle decals. So do schools, churches, individual retailers, and transportation companies. Custom vehicle signs are a low-pressure sales and marketing tactic that pique interest whenever your car is seen. That interest promotes the word-of-mouth advertising all small business owners value – especially when you include them in a customer giveaway that prompts satisfied clients to market for you using their own vehicles.

Our vehicle decals are made from the best quality materials. They’re weather resistant, easy to apply, and fit every vehicle size. Small business marketing with a custom vehicle sign enhances and strengthens your other marketing efforts. It drives buyers to your website, draws potential buyers to your social media outlets, and tempts shoppers into your retail locations. Your creativity combined with your marketing know-how and our design tool lets you promote your small business in big ways. Click here to create your custom vehicle sign today.