Effective DIY Marketing For Event Planners

event planners

Event planners are a highly specialized type of project manager. As an event planner, you take charge of every aspect of each event including selecting the venue, arranging event and sleeping rooms, selecting a caterer and menu, choosing presenters and topics, establishing the event’s schedule, setting and maintaining a budget, creating an attention-grabbing setup and design, and successfully marketing each event. Those last two critical aspects are where we come in.

Making an event successful means two things: pre-event marketing and on-site event management and navigation. Our design tool can help with both. It’s built by a team of stellar graphic designers, it works where you work – in the cloud, and it’s powered by our expert design and production team. Our design tool is easy to use and packed with these must-have graphic design features.

  • Take complete control of your designs with the ability to modify and adjust text
  • Add various images and text selections to a single product using multiple design areas
  • Swap completed designs onto a variety of products without starting over from scratch
  • Take advantage of our ready-to-use templates to create easy plug-and-play promo products

Event Marketing Products
Our design tool has a helpful, informative video tutorial that walks you through its amazing features and benefits. By following the tips and ideas in the video, you can easily create a series of marketing postcards that feature the main event, highlight the breakout sessions, and introduce each speaker. Postcards and flyers are ideal ways to market your event and spread the word locally, hand-to-hand, and via direct mail.

Event Design Products
Every event planner who hosts business and social events knows the secret to an outstanding event is wayfinding signage that helps crowds self-navigate, presenter, performer, and workshop signage that tempts attendees into workshops, and vendor signs that prompt sales. Event planners who host live music and other entertainment events also know the benefit of signage to control crowds and boost the sale of music and group related merchandise. We have everything an event planner needs from banners and canopies to flutter flags and table throws.

Stylish, sophisticated, contemporary marketing tools can help fill seats at your upcoming events. Try replicating your social media posts and profiles on your print marketing materials to create a cohesiveness that breeds the familiarity on which successful marketing thrives. In other words, put your logo and message on everything! Think about it – when you see the swoosh symbol, you automatically think of the famed sneakers. Creating that kind of instant recognition should be a huge part of your marketing process.

Creating outstanding exhibits and events is our specialty. We know the importance of event marketing, branding, and sales. Every event you host deserves vibrant, eye-catching, colorful displays and attention-grabbing signage that compels action. Get the event marketing materials you need to pack your event with your target demographic. Once they’re in attendance, provide clear navigation and directions, promote entertainers and presenters, and drive vendor sales with informational signs, posters, and wayfinders.

MYDPRINT is an ideal creative workspace for event planners, design-based entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, musicians, and other marketing professionals who appreciate the freedom and creativity of DIY design and marketing. Visit us today and start putting your creativity to work.