DPRINT’s Recipe For Creating An Outstanding Food Service Atmosphere

Creating An Outstanding Food Service Atmosphere

Tomorrow, many families, community groups, businesses, and organizations will join the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration. Originally established to commemorate a successful military victory, Cinco de Mayo now celebrates the beauty and vibrancy of Mexican-American culture. Food and beverages are a mainstay in all Cinco de Mayo celebrations. In fact, restaurants, food trucks, and festivals all over the country will take extra steps toward creating an outstanding food service atmosphere to observe this amazing holiday – and the delicious, cultural food it celebrates.

Why is a restaurant’s ambiance important? What ingredients go into making a welcoming restaurant atmosphere? A restaurant’s atmosphere – made up of music, scenery, lighting, wall art, overall décor, and food – sets the stage for its guests. Consider your most recent restaurant dining experience. Everything in the restaurant greets you and impacts your mood and dining experience prior to the arrival of your meal. The same is true of your food industry patrons. The following tips will help create the atmosphere you want.

Five Graphic Design Elements Your Restaurant Needs

  1. Website
    Everyone and everything is moving at the speed of digital technology today. That makes a website that’s streamlined, easily accessible, and simple to navigate via smartphone crucial. Your website design and graphic elements play a significant role in creating an outstanding food service atmosphere. Make no mistake about it – patrons will check out your website and menu online before they ever step foot in your establishment.
  2. Logo
    Your logo should incorporate graphic design elements that speak to your ideal eater. Is your food service establishment sophisticated or youthful? Is it geared toward foodies or family dining? Color, font, and design create a visual identity your target market uses to instantly recognize your restaurant and tie its online and social media presence to its brick and mortar locations.
  3. Menu
    Use graphic design judiciously to grab potential patrons by the taste buds. Your menu is so much more than a list of the appetizers, entrees, beverages, and desserts you offer. From its graphic components to its photos to its descriptions, your menu entices diners to savor favorite meals and sample new dishes.
  4. Walls
    Do you want your diners to feel as if they’re in a different day and age? A different country? A different world? Imagine creating an outstanding food service atmosphere using murals and artwork to set the environment. From sunny Mexico to charming Old Italy to family fun, murals and graphics are an easy, affordable way to make your mark.
  5. Vehicles
    From delivery vehicles to food trucks, wrapping your vehicle in your branding draws attention – and profits – from your target market. As your food service trucks move through traffic, they grab attention, lure interested patrons to your website, and drive foot traffic to your main establishment.

At DPRINT, we combine graphic design, years of restaurant branding experience, and marketing moxie while creating an outstanding food service atmosphere. More than just outfitting your restaurant, itself, we also create menus, menu boards, decor, custom mugs, custom bottle openers, and a wide range of additional branded items that help promote your food service business. Contact us today and set your restaurant apart from its competition.