Develop Effective Marketing Materials With Our DIY Design Tool

marketing material

Every business – from the largest corporation to the newest startup – relies on some form of marketing to let the buying public know about the products and services they offer. Because marketing consists of everything you do to reach your target market, it can take on various forms. That includes online marketing strategies like a website and social media presence. It also includes offline marketing methods like direct mail, networking, and print marketing. With the following marketing ideas and pro marketing and design tips, you can create the print marketing material you need to advertise your business and help it reach its marketing goals.

  • Humor is an excellent marketing strategy. Customers love clever posters featuring word art, whimsical quotes, and clever puns. Design custom posters for use in your office, retail store, restaurant, or café. Apply the same principal to interior and exterior banners, then use them for grand openings, sales, and tradeshows.
    Pro Tip: Keep poster and banner designs simple and choose images that scale as your poster is resized for each marketing product.
  • Turn an everyday informational flyer into an amazing marketing tool by using it to create product information sheets and portable product infographics. Create a flyer for each segment and subsegment of your target market. For example, an electronics company might create one flyer for adult users and another highlighting their children’s line.
    Pro Tip: Include social media icons, client testimonials, and product benefits on your flyer.
  • Custom postcards and business cards have a plethora of unconventional uses. Try turning them into thank you, customer loyalty, and VIP cards. Customers appreciate personalized touches like these that tell them you don’t take their business for granted. Use our design tool to create cards that tug at your customer’s heartstrings and give them an incentive to return to your establishment.
    Pro Tip: Increase the effectiveness of your flyers with testimonials, purchase URLs or addresses, and product features and benefits.
  • Create an attention-grabbing food truck or pop-up shop with our easy to design vehicle wrap. Visit our vehicle wrap software, choose the make and model of your food truck, delivery vehicles, or small fleet, and design a wrap that will turn heads everywhere your vehicle goes.
    Pro Tip: Fit your design to your vehicle and your business by adding your logo and brand message to create a cohesive, easy-to-remember moving presence.


Colorful, vibrant, informative print marketing materials have a variety of benefits. They’re marketing collateral that leaves a tangible impression on your target market. They also get passed from one consumer to another. Print marketing material also has the advantage of relative permanence. How will you reflect your innate creativity and thorough knowledge of your target market in your printed marketing products?

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