Design A Palate Tempting Business Card For Your Restaurant

business card

A business card is a business card is a business card, right? WRONG! Nothing could be further from the truth. The days of business cards with a corporation’s logo and your name and title in the corner are over. At MYDPRINT, we keep our hands on the pulse of small business, the best marketing trends, and the must-have marketing features of today’s small businesses.

To help small businesses grow, thrive, and prosper, our team of award-winning graphic designers created our small business design tool. It puts all the graphic design elements you need right at your fingertips. Easy to navigate and easy to use, it’s packed with all the features you need to create the business card your restaurant deserves. Try creating a series of business cards to represent your restaurant: one for your chief location, one for your catering arm, and one featuring each of your most often ordered dishes.

Ready to create your own business cards? Start by heading over to the business card section of our website and selecting the size and orientation (landscape or portfolio) of your business cards. Click the red Design It button and a whole world of creativity opens up right in front of your eyes. Use our creativity and design features to:

  • Choose the background image or color of your card
  • Upload and position your restaurant’s logo
  • Choose a second featured image (try using a plated meal, your chef at work, or a photo that capture your eatery’s atmosphere and ambiance)
  • Make sure your restaurant’s address is large enough to read easily
  • Include additional contact info like your website URL and phone number

Our text features let you create text shadows and outlines, choose custom text colors, and create curved text that gives your brand dimension. Our selection of colors let you select the ones that fit your brand – even custom colors – and give your creativity an opportunity to shine. As stated above, you also have the ability to easily upload and store your logo and images to our website (just make sure you own the right and licenses to those images first). If you’re just starting out or need new images to inspire your marketing, choose from the vast array of images and shapes in our clipart library.

Don’t forget to design the back of your business card as well. After all, business cards are two-sided for a reason. Has your restaurant won awards, introduced a new food style, or hosted special events or celebrity guests? Add those features, awards, and accolades to the back of your restaurant’s business card.

You can also put your own touches on our pre-designed business card templates. Templates offer a low-cost, speedy way to create a custom card you won’t see anywhere else. Creating custom restaurant business cards has never been easier. Our design tool’s software works where you work – in the cloud, gives you complete creative freedom, and lets you quickly and easily set yourself apart from your competition.

Business cards aren’t old-fashioned – they’re tried and true. Businesses of all types have evolved from peddlers to catalogs to brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce digital platforms. Similarly, restaurants run the gamut from food trucks to fast casual to nouvelle cuisine to fine dining. With all the changes and innovations of the restaurant business – or any kind of business – the marketing moxie of the business card has never gone out of style. Create yours today and start increasing traffic to your location.