Creative Ways To Use Custom Table Tents In Your Restaurant

custom table tents

As a restauranteur, you know the importance of using every possible marketing avenue to promote your restaurant. Many restaurant owners, managers, caterers, and marketers already know the value of using custom table tents as in-house marketing methods. The beauty of custom table tents in your restaurant is that they are actively and consistently marketing to an existing customer base. After all, every business owner knows how much easier it is to sell to existing customers than to potential consumers.

Table tents provide excellent marketing visibility while still allowing subtlety to play a role. In other words, table tents are in-your-face without being annoyingly pushy. From fine dining to coffee houses to grill rooms to diners, any food establishment with tables and counters can use table tents as an in-house marketing method. Their affordability and ease of customization make them a budget-friendly, go-to marketing choice. With our DIY design tool, you’ll find it easy to create one or all of the suggested uses below:

  • Promote upcoming events like live music, guest food chefs, trivia nights, and menu tastings.
  • Offer new food items like appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Consider inviting guests to vote on new additions. It’s a great way to get them invested in returning to sample the winning selections.
  • Offer a come-back incentive. A patron who is already enjoying your food will come back with the right incentive. Try offering a next-visit-discount or other promo.
  • Suggest entree and wine pairings, dessert and wine pairings, and the perfect coffee to compliment the meal.
  • Do you wine bottles travel? Use table tents to suggest wines and desserts consumers can enjoy at home.
  • Entertain customers with games, riddles, and witty quotes while they wait for their orders to arrive.
  • Tell your story. Consumers love to get a look at the behind-the-scenes workings of startups. Share insight into family recipes and fusion cuisines.
  • Do customers repeatedly ask your waitstaff the same questions? Create custom table tents that answer FAQs like hours, additional locations, and chef info.
  • The more good publicity, the better. Ask patrons to leave ratings and reviews on consumer review sites and your own social media sites.
  • Is your restaurant available for private events? Use table tents to promote wedding receptions, holiday celebrations, and business networking events.
  • Promote strategic partners like stemware companies and wine and brewery vendors.
  • Use your personalized table tents to tell customers the philanthropic efforts you support.


In addition to the uses we’ve suggested above, the custom table tents you create should also have design appeal. They’re on the table anyway, so people will read them, right? Most likely, yes. An eye-catching design will definitely increase the probability that they’ll be picked up and read. Our DIY design tool lets you choose a background image, foreground images, verbiage, and text designs that speak to your diners and patrons. Choose from our extensive clipart and image collection or upload existing images of your logo and branding.

Table tents that boast your logo and branding boost your marketing efforts, capture consumer attention, and increase your bottom line. Create the table tents your restaurant needs today with our easy-to-use design tool and your own innate creativity.