Creating A Seamless Digital Purchase Path

digital purchase path

As technology takes over the way consumers shop, small business owners, e-commerce merchants, and large corporations must keep two important points in mind. Point One: one size never fits all. Point Two: the digital purchase path you create must be easy to navigate and provide a seamless user experience. These two points are key to online business success because when your customers feel like you don’t ‘get’ them, they’ll move on and look for someone who does. It’s also important because, when buying online is difficult, they’ll do the exact same thing. That knowledge begs the questions:

  • How do I make digital purchasing an easy, enjoyable user experience?
  • How do I make each potential customer feel as if I’m speaking directly to them?

The following online tools will help you create a clear, compelling, cohesive digital shopping experience for B2B and B2C consumers.


Start by making yourself highly visible and easy to find online. Create a domain name that is short and sweet, lines up with your brand, and is SEO-optimized. In fact, your entire website, or other purchase portal, must be SEO-optimized in order to draw the right sets of eyes to it. SEO-optimization increases your search engine rankings and puts Internet search results that contain links to your website right at the top of Google’s results page.

Social Media

No matter what products and services you sell, a social media presence is a must-have marketing element. Don’t just create a profile on each social media channel and hope for the best. Social media marketing requires an investment in time. Your profiles should be cohesive across all your social media channels. Your profile should be lively and engaging and contain a prominently posted link to your digital purchase path. A good rule of thumb: social media should point to and enhance, not detract from, your brand,


Businesses and corporations who blog regularly receive up to 97% more inbound business links that companies who do not blog. A blog is an easy, affordable way to engage with and stay in touch with your customers. Blogging allows you to give your customers and potential customers valuable tools and resources without subjecting them to a high-pressure sales pitch. Establishing and maintaining a business blog is an unbeatable way to Boost To SEO rankings, strengthen consumer relationships, position your business as an industry leader, and connect potential clients to your brand with short bursts of valuable information.

Graphic Design

Few things connect your brand with your ideal consumers in the immediate, attention-grabbing way graphic design does. Among other things, graphic design creates recognizability from one marketing platform to the next for your target market. It also creates instant cohesion and is a smart way to use color, shape, font, verbiage, and imaging to draw a clear digital purchase path from your brick and mortar store or office to your online shopping portal. Businesses who invest in graphic design get more customer engagement than businesses who rely solely on word-of-mouth marketing.

At DPRINT, we have the tools and talent your business needs to use graphic design to grow, prosper, and thrive in the digital arena. We offer a plethora of digital resources from our website to our online design tool to our weekly newsletter. All these resources have one thing in common – their goal is to help you increase awareness of your business and put the power and principles of graphic design right at your digital fingertips.