Considering A Small Business Rebrand? We Can Help!

small business rebranding

Because they invest so much time and energy into it, small business owners tend to get personally and emotionally attached to the marketing and branding that represent their companies. It might be time to consider a rebrand for your small business if you want to reach a new target audience, capitalize on a new market position, or depict a shift in company culture. Small business rebranding is also a strategic move for small business owners who want to offer a new suite of products, start hosting live events, or reach a new segment of their target market.

As a small business owner, you might start off with your hands in every part of your business from marketing and branding to product research and development to sales and product delivery. That kind of hands-on impact can make it easy to cling to outdated branding or to branding that isn’t outdated, but that speaks to you more than it speaks to your ideal consumer. Small business rebranding can help you reach your growth and income goals and give your business a fresh, new start.

Consider The Elements Your Company Should Change
Graphic design elements, images, and colors that are outdated might turn potential customers away, or might simply not represent your brand should all be changed. Incorporating a fresh, new look into your small business rebranding can help draw new customers and increase your bottom line.

Consider The Elements Your Company Should Keep
You can choose a partial or complete rebrand for your small business. If your target market responds favorably to some elements of your brand – or if some elements are easily recognizable as being associated with your brand – you may want to retain those elements and rebrand around them.

Consider The Present AND The Future When Rebranding
If you’ve recently changed your company’s focus, vision, message, or culture a rebrand could certainly be in order. Small business rebranding can be a great marketing strategy. Repeated rebranding, though, can lead to a lack of brand familiarity and a loss of interest from your target audience, so make sure the elements you choose this time around have staying power.

Consider The Internal Appeal of Small Business Rebranding
When your marketing and branding are unfocused or unclear, it can lead to in-office confusion among your small business team. Clarity, focus, and productivity will all be increased when a rebrand gives everyone a new start. It’s a creative way to build a buzz and ensure every team member is speaking the same internal and external language.

Are you poised for growth and ready to pursue the business growth benefits of small business rebranding? Contact us today to speak to a member of our team and schedule a Product Consultation. We can help you focus your marketing and branding efforts, identify your marketing goals, choose the right marketing and branding products, examine your brand’s visual identity, and get started on a new approach to graphic design and graphic communication that lets you reach the consumer base your small business needs and deserves.