Cohesive Marketing For Franchise Business Owners

franchise marketing

Whether you’ve franchised your business to other entrepreneurs or are an entrepreneur who invested in a franchise business, marketing plays a huge role in your success. In fact, as a franchisee, effective, compelling marketing is probably what caused you to invest in your store in the first place. Most franchise locations operate with a specific planogram, a schematic interior design that creates a specific floor plan – a look and feel – that ties all the stores in the franchise together. A planogram draws a clear picture for your target market and creates a sameness and familiarity your consumer finds comforting and appealing because creating purposeful brand consistency across all marketing channels is the foundation of franchise marketing.

Think about the world’s most famous fast-food restaurant. Every time you go to one of their locations, you know what it will look like, what they will offer, what it will cost, and what to expect. That brand familiarity doesn’t happen only because of the cohesive interiors and predictable menu. It also happens because of the cohesive franchise marketing consumers actually look for. While this brand consistency is important, it’s also important to stay on top of marketing measures to ensure prevailing trends and innovation don’t pass you by and leave your brand behind the times.

Franchise marketing means having a distinct marketing strategy for each store, kiosk, trade show appearance, corporate headquarters – any iteration of your franchise. The brand consistency it creates does more than draw customers to you – it can also pique the curiosity and interest of potential franchisors.

One way to ensure consistent marketing is to make purchasing all their marketing materials through you or your selected vendor a requirement for franchise owners. Another is to make disposing of outdated marketing material and keeping up with new ones a must. When you create branding that reaches consumers and gets profitable results, franchisees will happily invest in the resulting marketing materials.

As times change and your franchise business continues to grow and evolve, your branding has to remain the same even while elements of your marketing changes. The same posters and banners that share your message and culture must also share sales, discounts, new products, etc. That means you need to have a range of marketing materials that range from static to evergreen to adaptable. It can also mean elements like owner name, store location, and contact info will change from one item to the next.

At DPRINT, every franchise marketing product you order from us is durable enough to withstand weather conditions and flexible enough to meet the needs of every one of your franchisors. You can also order as few or as many of each marketing product as you need. They’ll also be delivered to your door for distribution to your franchisors or delivered to individual stores as requested. When you have one graphic design team handling all your graphic design and marketing needs, it builds cohesion and continuity into your marketing right from the start. Contact us today to start building the cohesive branding your franchise needs for success.