From Bike Plates To Mugs To Key Fobs DPRINT Has The Imprintables Your Business Needs

DPRINT business imprintables

Businesses and corporations of all sizes institute a variety of marketing measures and strategies to grow their businesses. From million-dollar television campaigns to direct-to-consumer grassroots marketing strategies, every business is in the business of marketing. One of the ways businesses make their target market aware of the products and services they offer is with business imprintables. Imprintables are items like mousepads and key fobs that carry your brand’s message. These items are often used for promotions, giveaways, and as attention grabbers at industry events.

Businesses use promotional products as a low-cost way to thank existing customers and attract the attention of potential customers. Development and execution of your marketing plan should include a selection of imprintable products. At DPRINT, we carry the following business imprintables designed to help keep your brand in the hands of your ideal consumer:

  • Mugs
  • Key Fobs
  • Bike Plates
  • Mousepads
  • Name Badges
  • Bottle Openers
  • License Plates
  • License Plate Frames

Business imprintables have proven themselves in the marketplace. 80% of consumers in the US have between one and ten branded promotional items. 60% of consumers keep and use these items for as long as two years. In addition, 85% of consumers connect with a business after receiving an imprintable, 89% can recall the company and brand two years after receiving valuable promo materials, and greater than 60% of consumers give away promotional products they might not need. That means they pass your branding and company info along to other consumers – in other words, they’re marketing for you.

Small and larger businesses know the importance of business imprintables – high quality products with the logo and brand message of their company printed on its face. The goal of these imprintables is to drive consumer interest. For optimal results, marketing experts suggest creating products that see regular (ideally, daily) use. They highly recommend items like mouse pads, bottle openers, license plates and frames, key fobs, and mugs, all of which can be found at MYDPRINT.

Business imprintables pack a low-cost, highly effective marketing punch. They promote brand recognition, foster tangible word of mouth marketing, and allow your brand to travel with your ideal consumers. They offer greater exposure for your business, make innovative business and calling cards, and invite customer loyalty (like with our branded key fobs).

Designing imprintables for your business can be a fun and profitable marketing action. Using the design tool at, you’ll learn to quickly and easily create business imprintables your clients will love. Take advantage of our print-on-demand technology to order as few or as many items as you need.

Control your branding, outfit your staff and team members, stand out at a tradeshow or career fair. The possibilities are limitless. Additionally, don’t forget the resell factor of these items. They can definitely add to your bottom line by allowing you to create resalable promo materials, imprintables, and wearables. When designing your chosen products, be sure to keep your target market top of mind, add a clear, compelling call to action, and choose a product that will see regular, consistent use.