Build Your Brand This Holiday Season With A Custom Tent Canopy

custom tent canopy

As the holiday season approaches, small businesses often see a boon in sales opportunities because of pop up holiday shops and gift-conscious consumers. All over the country, holiday fairs and pop up shops bring vendors and shoppers together in one location. For product-based small business owners, these are ideal opportunities to put your products directly into the path of your target market. At MYDPRINT, we believe in the power of small businesses. That’s why we’ve created a simple, affordable way for you to market and promote your company – like our custom tent canopy.

One of our top DIY marketing products is our custom tent canopy. It’s designed to make a big impact and leave a lasting impression in a crowded shopping arena. They’re great for bringing customers together for samples, demonstrations, and live chats. Our custom marketing and branding tents work because they draw attention to your business amid a sea of others at a holiday sales event. By customizing your tent canopy with bright, vibrant colors that draw attention and inspire action, you create a beacon for your brand.

Customizing your canopy is easy with our online design tool. It’s packed with all the color choices, clipart, fonts, and other design features you need to create a one-of-a-kind canopy. Get started by choosing the canopy size that best suits your needs – ours are available in either 118”X89” (ten feet) or 176”X89” (15 feet) – and start making it your own. Both sizes are made of a durable, UV Casita fabric canopy and sturdy aluminum legs. With the right care, they’ll last through years of use and ordinary wear.

Start building your canopy by uploading your logo and choosing fonts that support your brand. Opt for bold fonts that are easy to read from a distance. You can create the same design on all four banner sides or create a different design for each panel. At 10’ and 15’, our banners literally put you head and shoulders above the crowd. Personalize and finalize your banner, then submit it to us for printing, production, and delivery. Our canopies are easy to transport to your event and a cinch to set up. Their indoor and outdoor durability even help extend your selling season and protect your products from rain.

Our versatile custom tent canopy is an investment that pays off big for small business owners, live event promoters, concert and other entertainment venues, and vendor fairs. They also help get the attention you need at flea markets, swap meets, and can even help draw attention into your brick and mortar retail locations when positioned outside. They’re an attention-grabbing way to bring your target market to you. A custom tent canopy outside your establishment offering free samples and product demonstrations is a crowd pleaser. It has the same impact and appeal at live events and community gatherings.

When you’re ready to customize your small business marketing products, visit our YouTube channel for more marketing advice, small business resources, and to view more videos on creative ways to use our DIY marketing products. We give you the freedom and flexibility to put your creativity and imagination to work creating a powerful visual presence your target market will appreciate. We’ve worked hard to make DIY marketing easier than ever. Simply order the marketing products you need and leave the printing and production to us.