Build Support For Your Community Sports Team

community sports team

Neighborhoods and communities are made up of families and friends with a shared sense of belonging and a spirit of pride. Communities often come together to create extracurricular activities to provide safe, healthy activities that bring its members together. From children to adults, little league and adult sports teams are opportunities for likeminded people to enjoy favorite sports, engage in healthy exercise, and cheer each other toward success. Garnering support for your community sports team is often a matter of making non-playing friends, neighbors, fans, and family aware of your team’s activities and accolades.

Even in the off season, teams need fan and financial support. Keeping the name, logo, and color story of your community sports team in front of your community is the key to creating ongoing support and grabbing the attention of potential sponsors. If your team doesn’t already have a logo and team colors, our design tool can help you create them. Choose an item to start branding – a banner is always a good first choice for sports teams – and open the design tool. In addition to banners, you can create signs, posters, flyers, postcards, and team giveaway items. While working on design elements for these items, keep the following features in mind:

  • Display Your Team Colors
    Our design tool has every color and color combination under the rainbow built right into it. Simply choose the colors that best represent your team and community.
  • Choose A Sports-Themed Team Font
    Once you’ve decided on a color story, choose sporty, varsity-inspired fonts from our extensive font collection to emblazon your team’s name on your banner. Opt for large, bold lettering that can be seen all over the playing field.
  • Create or Upload A Team Logo
    Create a logo based on your team’s name, colors, and mascot. Our clipart library is packed with images to choose from. Of course, if you already have a logo and mascot for your team, you can upload it to our site and add it to the promo items you create. Be sure you own the rights and licenses to any images you upload to our site, please.
  • Show Appreciation For Your Sponsors
    By sharing their logos and names, you encourage community members to patronize the businesses who provide support to community sports teams. That support might take the form of financial backing, team lunches and snacks, or uniform and equipment purchases. They’re also a smart way to boost donations and fundraisers.
  • Announce Team Events & Accomplishments
    Player of the week or month, team wins, game schedules, pre-season training days, tryouts, and team championships are just a few of the events you can share with neighbors on banners, posters, and postcards.

The team-related items you create help players coaches, friends, family, and fans show their team spirit, advocate for their team, and stay up-to-date on team news and events. Your community sports team will feel empowered, encouraged, and appreciated. Players, spectators, and supporters alike will feel a sense of unity and a spirit of camaraderie. With the MYDPRINT design tool and your originality and imagination, you can be a huge part of bolstering team and community spirit.