Brewery Owners: Craft Exciting DIY Marketing Pieces That Draw Your Community Into Your Brewery

brewery owners

Brewery owners are a unique kind of small business owner. They’re one part restauranteur, one part sommelier, and one part live event host. If you own a craft brewery, you’re probably looking for one-of-a-kind ways to market your brewery and make an impact on your local community. Our design tool lets you put the power of DIY branding and marketing to work in your craft brewery in three simple ways.

  • Promo pieces – that work as giveaway items at live and in-house events
  • Marketing materials – that grab patron’s attention and get them in the door
  • Interior branding – walls that tell your brewery’s story and keep patrons inside

Promo Pieces
Whether you’re out and about participating in community events, hosting in-house competitions with small prizes, or simply in need of promotional giveaways items, we have everything you need. From key fobs to bottle openers, we have an incredible selection of promo pieces that help brewery owners maximize their marketing budget without spending a small fortune. Strategically place them around at outside events, give them away in exchange for signing up for your mailing list, and use them as contest prizes and competition rewards. They’re easy to create, easy to customize, and unbelievably affordable. 

Marketing Materials
Brewery owners can use informational flyers, do-it-yourself business cards, and marketing postcards that promote your brewery as a whole. Because they’re uniquely custom, you can also use them to promote events you host like tastings, brew naming contests, and blind taste testing. Are you supporting a local charity or community group? Are a certain percentage of your proceeds donated to civic groups? Patrons will enjoy these events, trivia contests, and brew fests that draw the community together. Print that information right on your marketing material. Use your marketing materials to market your brewery and your strategic partners and community connections. It’s a great way to get people to sit up and take notice.

Interior Branding
Once you’ve gotten patrons inside your brewery, you want them to stay – and to come back. It goes without saying that your craft brews will keep them returning for more but creating interior walls that are aesthetically pleasing and inherently brand promoting is also a great marketing tactic. Because your walls are entirely custom created, you can emblazon them with your brand, your brew selection menu, your startup story – the ideas are limitless. Is your brewery known for only using local ingredients or for responsible sourcing, or employment ethics? Tell these stories on your walls and draw like-minded people into your brewery doors.

Craft brewery owners also market their businesses by participating in food truck festivals, brew fests, and live musical events. If your brewery does so, you might also want to create a wrapped food/brewery truck that puts your brand front and center. At MYDPRINT, we have the tools you need to put your independent brewery on the local map. Creating a company culture and building a brand identity are ideal ways to familiarize your target market with your logo, icons, and branding. Start with a good brew, promote it with a solid marketing plan, and create the success you deserve.

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