Brand Your Car With Custom License Plates & Frames

custom license plates

Whether for personal or business use, branding your car with a custom license plate is a smart way to create an attention-grabbing mobile presence. For individual use, a custom plate can turn your car, or your entire family’s cars, into marketing for your small business or just create unity among your family vehicles. Create a custom frame highlighting kid’s artwork, your favorite community organization, sports team or charitable organization. For business use, custom license plates and frames create a cohesive fleet design that increases your marketing presence.

Because license plates are a commonplace item we all see every day, they can be easy to overlook. That very ordinariness, though, is what makes them marketing gold. Why? Because a custom plate and frame instantly make your vehicle easily stand out from every other vehicle on the road. The frames have a functional purpose as well. They keep your license plate securely attached to your vehicle and help avoid dents and scratches on standard or custom license plates. You can turn this everyday item into a touch of marketing magic with our innovative small business design tool.

Simply go to the license plate or license frame page and click the red Design It button. When the software opens, browse our selection of clipart and fonts to easily create your custom design. You can also upload images of child or family artwork, your small business logo, or any other personal, small business, or corporate image. Position your image, finalize your design, click submit, and leave the rest to us. We’ll fabricate a sturdy, durable, aluminum license plate and matching frame for a single vehicle or an entire fleet.


Our custom license plates and frames are easy to install and last for years with the right care. They add distinction and polish to your brand and provide an additional outlet for brand exposure. Customized license plates and frames are a cost-effective way to brand your small or large vehicle fleet. When you combine them with our affordable vehicle wraps, they turn your fleet into mobile billboards. Create your vehicle wrap quickly and easily by clicking right here. Our design tool will walk you through the creation process with preloaded vehicle makes and models, onboard design tools, and easy-to-customize design options.

Your custom license plates and frames will be created, produced, and delivered to your door. What businesses should distinctively brand their plates and frames and wrap their vehicles? Corporations and small businesses, daycare centers and schools, sports teams, and any business that relies on delivery cars, vans, and trucks. They’re also a great way to boast your school colors, fraternal organization, or sorority sisterhood.

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