Blend These Ingredients To Create A Successful Print Marketing Campaign For Your Bakery

print marketing campaign

Today’s marketing plans have many more moving parts than the marketing plans of yesterday. The introduction of the internet and the evolution of branded websites, digital marketing, and social media have forever changed the face of business marketing. As true as that is, a print marketing campaign is – and always will be – an important part of doing business. That’s especially true of businesses where customers come into personal contact with your products and services – like bakeries.

Print marketing is here to stay – in fact, it’s on the upswing – because it’s an easy and affordable way to establish your bakery’s brand and increase its reach while its tangible, touchable nature lets customers experience your bakery business with multiple senses. For example, brick and mortar and online customers should receive a piece of branded marketing material with each packaged product they receive. Check out these three simple ways and affordable components you absolutely must include in the print marketing campaign for your bakery. Keep a stack of each on the counter of your bakery as well.

  • Business cards: Business cards are an easy packaging add-on. Make sure your card features your purchase URL, all relevant contact info – street address, phone number, etc., and a purchase prompt like a discount code or VIP special pricing.
  • Postcards: Use postcards to create product collages, increase the amount of info you’ve added to your business cards, and offer a frequent buyer membership, holiday discount, or customization options.
  • Flyers: The built-in flexibility of flyers means you can turn them into brochures with a simple trifold and give yourself three panels to showcase your baked treats. Even standard flat lay flyers give you the option of creating a taste bud tempting collage.

A print marketing campaign also serves your bakery well at in-house and outside tastings, food festivals, baking industry tradeshows, and anywhere your food is shared with the public. Have you ever pitched a big box retailer, restaurant, or indie retailer? Leaving a sample of your product selections along with printed marketing materials is a savvy move. The same principle applies to bakers who attend networking events with bite-sized samples and printed marketing materials.

Bakers and other small business owners looking for a serious return on their marketing investments understand the value of affordable printing that packs a powerful punch. Our team of graphic designers also understand how important affordable marketing is. That’s why we built the MDPRINT design tool with small business owners like you in mind. With our design tool, you can easily upload product photos (please make sure you own the rights to any photos and images you upload to our site), create stunning marketing pieces with our text, color, and design features, and create marketing pieces that let your creativity shine and position you head and shoulders above your competition.


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