7 Artwork Display Options For Studio And Gallery

artwork display options

As an artist, you have an eye for turning ordinary artists tools into incredible works of art. Artists tools run a wide gamut from paints and brushes to cameras and lenses to electronic sketchpads and digital pens. Just as artists vary greatly, your display options are as limitless as your medium and tools of choice. At MYDPRINT, we understand the creativity and imagination that goes into creating your artwork. We also understand the huge variety of artwork display options you’re faced with – and the importance of making the best choice.

Whether in your working studio, home gallery, private showing, or professional gallery, artwork is best displayed in a variety of mixed mediums. Artwork display options like canvas, metal, and wood add a level of contrast that piques interest and helps each element stand on its own two feet. Mixed media is also a good way to turn one piece of art into multiple pieces of artwork. Consider these five easy-to-create display methods.

  1. Metal Photo Print
    Few things look more simultaneously modern and vintage than art printed on metal wall panels. Metal lends bright colors an additional element of vibrancy or gives sepia tones a truly vintage appeal. Available in eight sizes, your artwork is professionally printed on .045 clear, metal Chromaluxe panels.
  2. Wood Photo Print
    Avoid cumbersome, distracting frames with artwork display options that combine easy to hang convenience with contemporary style. Mount your uploaded images on wood to create the modern-meets-traditional look and feel many art lovers prefer. Available in six sizes, your artwork is mounted to solid .625 maple veneer wood photo panels.
  3. Gallery Wrapped Canvas
    The go-to display choice for many artists, gallery-wrapped canvas is a time-honored way to display art in your studio. Our professionally stretched and wrapped canvas is also suitable for personal and professional art gallery displays. Available in six sizes, your art is printed and stretched around the edges of a solid wood, two-inch frame.
  4. Unstretched Canvas Panel
    Professionally mounted, unstretched canvas maintains the natural look, feel, and integrity of your original artwork. It’s a classically beautiful way to mount art for aesthetic appeal and durability from edge to edge. Available in four sizes, your artwork is professionally mounted and ready for unlimited display options.
  5. Gloss or Matte White Photo Prints
    Take your photography or other artwork to a new level with glossy or matte photo prints. They’re perfect for stand-alone wall mounting or personal or custom framing. Photo prints elegantly grace the walls of your home or studio. They’re equally at home on display in a gallery setting. Available in nearly a dozen sizes, they’re printed on high-quality, 7mil photo paper.


You can create your display in three easy steps. One: choose the artwork display options that best suit your creations. Two: open that section of our design tool and upload your artwork. Three: once it’s properly positioned, simply click the submit button. We’ll take it from there and produce a work of art you’ll fall in love with all over, again.

One of the struggles many artists have in common is choosing the right medium for your artwork. From classic canvas to contemporary metal prints, your choices are unlimited with the MYDPRINT design tool. It’s an easy way to test the look and feel of different mediums and to offer each potential client their choice of background material. You create stunning works of art. We’ll turn them into professionally mounted wall art your clients will love.