6 Reasons Small Business Graphic Design Is Never Going Away

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Small business ownership is the goal of many men and women who want to control their own careers and income streams. With that ownership comes an enormous amount of responsibility. As a small business owner, you are charged with marketing, branding, customer service, research, financing, product development – the list is endless. Marketing and branding are at the top of the list because they are the methods you use to make your target market aware of the products and services your business offers. Because small business marketing and branding are so important to the success of your business venture, small business graphic design must play a significant role as well.

Whether your small business is authorship, business coaching, beauty products, or a food-based venture, it does – or should – rely on good graphic design to reach the public. That’s why small business graphic design is never going away. Not because you have to rely on it, but because your target audience relies on it to tell them many key things about your business.

  1. Good graphic design has built-in longevity. Think about the small business and corporate logos with staying power and great memorability. They have one key factor in common – their timelessness and instant recognizability.
  2. Good graphic design strategically combines visual elements to tell a story. Think about it this way – when you see the purple and orange delivery logo with the embedded white arrow, you instantly know FedEx will deliver your packages quickly.
  3. Good graphic design makes room for growth and development. For example, a food brand’s logo and branding can easily adapt to meet the preferences of its differing market segments like carnivores, vegetarians, and vegans.
  4. Good graphic design creates unity, collective focus, and shared goals among staff and team members at every level. It creates a one-voice-vision that is crucial for solidifying your position in the greater marketplace.
  5. Good graphic design helps your business stand out from your competitors – even your direct competitors. Think about the two largest fast-food restaurants in the world. You can probably call up a clear picture of both their logos, yet you’d never confuse the two, would you? Same industry, clear distinction – that’s the power of graphic design.
  6. Good graphic design translates from social media to website to print. It looks well-scaled, fits its place, and serves its marketing and branding purpose on everything from online landing pages to tiny business cards to huge banners.

Small business graphic design is important to your business venture because of the influence it can wield on your buying audience. Graphic design builds trust, memorability, and clarity. With our DIY design tool, small business owners have the power of graphic design at their fingertips.


Small business graphic design is an attention-grabbing way to stand out in a crowd, increase brand awareness, and boost sales. The power of graphic design can help your business grow, gain recognizability, and cement its place in the small business stratosphere. More importantly, it can cement a place in the hearts and minds of your target market.