5 Ways Your Business Can Support Women & Girls In Your Community

women and girls

Women have made – and continue to make – great strides in their homes, in their communities, and in the business world. The month of March is set aside to celebrate the vast number of ways women make invaluable contributions to the world. In recent years, Women’s History Month has seen women honored for their myriad contributions to philanthropy, medicine, humanitarian efforts, the tech space, and the environment. When Women’s History Month is over, though, the women and girls in your community still need the same advocacy, recognition, and support. Here are five easy-to-implement ways your business can be the help and encouragement they need.

  1. Show Your Success and Tell Your Story
    When you open your workplace and allow women and girls to see how you do what you do, you introduce them to the magic of possibilities. In keeping with the “each one, teach one” principle, make a point of taking your daughters to work, encouraging your employees to do the same, and offering mentorships and apprenticeships.
  2. Support and Sponsor Those in Crisis
    When your business comes to the aid of homeless shelters, battered women shelters, and addiction recovery facilities, you help women change their lives for the better. Not only will you experience the joy of helping others transition from difficult situations to full lives, you’ll become a champion in your community and build a loyal fan base and following.
  3. Invest In A Woman Owned Business
    Investing in a woman-owned business through microloans, business mentoring, or vendor opportunities is a smart way to get the B2B products and services you need. At the same time, you make strategic connections that help another woman’s business grow, develop, and thrive. She can then pay it forward by investing in another woman-owned business.
  4. Volunteer Outside The Business Arena
    Women and girls in your community are involved in a variety of education, health, and sports-related activities. When you or members of your staff volunteer to coach sports teams, sponsor health initiatives, and provide tutoring, you help girls help themselves. You can find these volunteer opportunities at schools, churches, and after-school facilities.
  5. Establish A Policy of Fairness
    Make sure your business practices fair and equitable pay for the women in your company. You might also put your power and authority into play by opting to work with businesses, vendors, and suppliers who intentionally adhere to the same practices. Mutual support, fair pay practices, and company culture make it easier for other companies to follow your lead.

At DPRINT, we work hard to encourage the women and girls in our community and around the world. In fact, our President and CEO, Lane Hickey-Wiggins has a passion for empowering and investing in women and girls and has become a visible and supportive presence in Lakeland. Among her other contributions, she lends her know-how and expertise to the Women in Print Alliance board. When your business is ready to put the skills and experience of our woman-lead team to work, contact us. We’ll help you develop the graphic design products and services you need to build the business and the brand you deserve.