5 Tips For Creating Your Corporate Vehicle Wrap Design

Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Wrap

From the race track to parades to city streets, we’ve all seen how a vehicle wrap can transform an ordinary car into sleek advertising on wheels. They’re popular for a variety of reasons, including their ability to magnify your brand’s message and grow your audience. You’ll increase your company’s visibility fast by adding graphics to your company car. You’ll also get endless pairs of eyes on your car each time it goes out for a spin.

Wraps are not exclusively for cars. They can be applied to other vehicles like boats, golf carts, airplanes, and motorcycles. Because they can be applied to more than one type of vehicle, your business will benefit from vehicle wraps in a multitude of ways.

  • You’ll maximize an asset you already own and put it to work selling for you
  • Your entire fleet of company cars and delivery vehicles will constantly promote your brand
  • You’ll create a moving, flashy, attention-grabbing corporate visual
  • You’ll attract the invaluable attention of traditional media outlets

Whether you design your vehicle wrap on your own, work in conjunction with our graphic design team, or leave it to us, these five steps will help ensure you get the perfect wrap for YOU.

  1. Limit The Amount of Text
    Your vehicle will be on the move much of the time, so you’ll want to incorporate easy-to-read fonts and text that can be understood in seconds. At-a-glance text also accommodates short attention spans and increases the likelihood that your messaging will be easily remembered.
  2. Avoid Wrapping Text Around Your Vehicle
    Your phone number, URL, or other contact information should be able to be seen without needing to walk around your vehicle. Display this info in a single location – on a door, trunk, or hood.
  3. Choose Design Elements Carefully
    While your design should be eye-catching and striking, it should not be so overstuffed with design elements that the design itself becomes difficult to grasp. Opt for designs that are dynamic, sophisticated, and represent your brand well.
  4. Include Recognizable Brand Elements
    To increase recognizability, try to stick to the color story and brand message your target market is familiar with. Equip the graphic designer who creates your vehicle wrap with your business card, website URL, and other materials that tell your story. This allows them to make sure your vehicle marketing is cohesive and coordinates with your existing marketing.
  5. Design For Your Target Market
    If everyone in the boardroom loves your vehicle wrap design, but your target market doesn’t, it won’t be very effective. Effective advertising is advertising that your target market finds appealing and engaging.

When you’re ready to make your mark with vehicle wraps, schedule a product consultation with us. We’ll handle everything from design to installation. When you trust the production and installation of your vehicle wrap to the skilled, talented DPRINT team, you’ll get free vehicle wrap design, professional installation, and personalized service. Click here to learn more about how you can maximize your marketing budget with cost-effective vehicle advertising.

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