5 Must-Have Features of Your Tradeshow Display

tradeshow display

Conferences, conventions, and tradeshows abound in the business world. While conferences and conventions offer a keen opportunity to share your wares with your consumer market, few things present a better opportunity to generate business-to-business sales like tradeshows. The key to success at these industry and consumer events is having a well-branded, engaging, interactive tradeshow display. According to Legal Zoom, “The beauty of a tradeshow is that you can share your product or service with a pre-selected audience while investigating the competition and building relationships with new customers.” We couldn’t have put it better. We can, however, help you create a winning display for the tradeshows where your business exhibits. These five features will ensure your booth gets the attention it deserves.

  1. Attention-Grabbing Graphic Designs
    A tradeshow display provides you with a unique opportunity to combine large scale and diminutive graphics. The banners, drapes, and other large format graphics that define your company easily translate into takeaways, brochures, and product samples. At tradeshows, hordes of potential B2B and B2C visitors will pass your kiosk. High-impact graphics can stop them in their tracks, make a stellar first impression, and compel consumer purchases and bulk orders.
  2. A Harmonious Color Story
    Color also plays a vital role in your display. Not only does brilliant color grab attention, it can also elicit emotions and establish moods. Create a color story and stick with it. Your color story should be harmonious in its depiction of your brand and personality.
  3. Portable Promo Items
    Tags, decals, posters, mouse pads – anything you can send home with your visitors that keeps your brand top-of-mind after the event  ends is a smart investment. Add an element of fun to the giveaways by having a quick, simple, fun competition (spin the wheel, choose the short straw, draw the high card, etc.).
  4. Follow Up Mechanisms
    Don’t let visitors to your booth walk away without getting their contact information. Have a printed sign in form. If WiFi is available, pull up the subscription pop-up for your email newsletter and have them sign up right on the spot. Set up a receptacle for collecting business cards. Sending folks away with your contact info is one thing. Grabbing theirs allows you to follow up strategically – and remember, the fortune is in the follow-up.
  5. The RIGHT Staff
    Man your exhibit with key people. It’s extremely important that you choose team members who are thoroughly knowledgeable about each product and service you offer. Equally important, they must also genuinely enjoy interacting with the public. Choosing the right professional yet gregarious people to man and command your booth can mean the difference between passing interest and profitable engagement from your target market.

Tradeshow success is based on the type and amount of effort you put in. The most successful tradeshow displays start far in advance of the event. Work with the award-winning graphic designers at DPRINT to create a cohesive look and feel that allows visitors to easily identify your company online after the tradeshow is over. Call us today to start building the branded, interactive, engaging tradeshow display that will place you head and shoulders above your competition.

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