5 Important Features For Working With Our DIY Design Tool

small business graphic design

Small business ownership means wearing a plethora of different hats. That includes the marketing hat, branding hat, and small business graphic design hat. The graphic designs and graphic communication products you use to create a personality and image for your company are important. They’re also unique to your company and its vision. That’s why our award-winning graphic design team worked so hard to create our DIY design site and design tool. These five features make working with our design tool fun, fast and easy.

  1. Upload Your Own Artwork
    Designing custom marketing and branding products for your small business often means using your own logo and other images. The upload feature of our DIY design tool lets you incorporate your own elements of small business graphic design. Of course, we respect copyrights, and so should you, so please avoid uploading any images for which you do not own the rights and licenses. That might also include personal images, so be sure anyone appearing in your images has given you written permission for their use.
  2. Explore Your Color Matching Options
    We understand how important color matching is in small business graphic design. The colors you use in your branding and marketing designs matter. When you choose colors in our design tool, we receive those color specifications imbedded into your file as CMYK process colors. Your monitor displays that color in RGB, which adds light. Additionally, due to calibration, colors can vary greatly from monitor to monitor. Please understand this important difference – and if you have a specific color to match, tell us the Pantone color number and we will happily match to that standard instead.
  3. Choose The Best Materials For Your Products
    There is a material – or choice of materials – for nearly every product in our catalog. If you’re unsure of the best material application for the product you’re designing, take a look at our Product Data Sheet. Our data sheets were created so you could easily understand the best applications for the materials we offer. We’ve also included a brief material description on each product’s page to help you understand the materials we use and their individual features like flexibility, best use, and their role in product durability.
  4. Start Your Creation With A Predesigned Template
    Give your creative process a jump start with one of our predesigned templates. They’re a great starting point when you need creative inspiration, design ideas, and a quick and easy professionally laid out product. Our templates have the added benefit of being as customizable as the products you design from scratch. That means you can plug in your own design elements for a custom product that fits your distinct style.
  5. See The Design Tool In Action With Our YouTube Tutorial
    The brief design tool tutorial on our YouTube channel will help you get started on the road to marketing and branding excellence. Give your small business an enormous competitive edge with our comprehensive product suite and easy-to-use design tool. While you’re on our YouTube channel, check out our other videos on small business marketing, branding, and graphic design.


Our design tool gives small business owners like you the creativity and design options you need to create the marketing and branding products your small business deserves. Your small business graphic design depends on you. That’s why you can depend on us for the best professional products in town and an unbeatable “Can Do” customer service experience.