5 Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Small Business Marketing Materials

small business marketing material

Creating small business marketing material is a serious undertaking because the marketing products and materials you create represent your business forever. It doesn’t have to be unduly difficult, though. One of the best parts of creating your own marketing materials is the freedom to use them in a number of ways. One of those ways is by repurposing them. Repurposing is the ingenious the act and art of using existing marketing materials in a new and different way to catch the attention of new and existing ideal consumers.

Check out these five, easy-to-implement, creative ways to repurpose small business marketing materials and elements using our small business design tool. Doing so is a clever way to maximize your marketing budget, measure and assess the effectiveness of your marketing metrics, and find the perfect marketing fit between your business and your consumer – without breaking the bank.

  1. Create an account on our platform, upload your logo, color story, and business images, then save them to your account to use across product lines as needed.
  2. Create business cards in our design tool, then turn them into mouse pads to use as consumer giveaways and purchase incentives.
  3. Create and save variations of your logo and calls to action to repurpose for varying segments of your target market. For example, your logo in primary colors for the children’s segment, in green for the environmentally responsible segment, etc.
  4. Update and refresh outdated, but effective marketing materials and give them a new life and purpose. It’s also a good idea to lean toward creating evergreen (undated) marketing materials to extend their timelessness and usefulness.
  5. Create an informational poster or sign from the images and copy from a successful online landing page. If it created an effective online marketing campaign, it’s likely to translate into an effective print marketing campaign with strategic tweaks.

How To Repurpose Small Business Marketing Material With Our Design Tool
When you create an account on MYDPRINT, you get to set shipping preferences, start, save, store, and continue marketing product designs. In other words, your creativity is enhanced when you can easily pick up right where you left off at any time as opposed to having to continually reinvent the wheel. Our design tool has many similar outstanding features that make it easy to create the marketing products your business needs for success.

Click here to see all the features of our design tool like Text, Design, Changing Products, Templates, and My Designs. You can also view our brief design tool video tutorial. With the Change Products feature, you can create a design, save it, and add it to a variety of different products without starting over from scratch each time. For example, you can easily create a banner, then turn your successful design into a sign, poster, flyer, decal, or postcard. This is one of the design tool’s best features. That feature alone saves a wealth of time, energy, and money.

Repurposing designs onto different products also lets you perform A/B testing to see which products your ideal consumers respond to most favorably. A/B testing is a smart, effective, affordable way to test the reactions and responses from your target audience, gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and materials, and make intelligent, strategic choices for future marketing endeavors.