5 Creative Ways The MYDPRINT Design Tool Can Help Market Your Small Business

market your small business

Nearly 30 million small businesses employing almost half of the American workforce (47.8%) means three important things. One – small business ownership is a huge part of the business landscape and that isn’t likely to change at any time in the foreseeable future. Two – there’s probably more competition for the products and services you offer than you’re aware of. Three – the way you brand and market your small business must be on point and hit its intended target. At DPRINT and MYDPRINT, we believe in small business ownership and the men and women who have the courage to take that entrepreneurial step.

To help foster success in small businesses around the globe, we’ve partnered with a variety of small business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs on our MYDPRINT website. This partnership provides graphic design help, production aids, professional delivery, and expert installation as needed. Our products and services help your business reach its target market, create an attention-grabbing visual identity, and make strategic marketing choices.

Because graphic design, branding, and marketing play a pivotal role in successfully marketing your small business, we offer a variety of services that help small businesses flourish. Our award-winning graphic design team worked hard to create a plethora of tools you can use to build and grow your company and to meet the needs of your customers. These five tools will help you effectively and affordably market your small business and increase your productivity.

  1. Easy Clipart Management
    Our Advance Product Designer tool features a clipart library with 10,000+ images. Choose from one of our predesigned images or create your own from scratch. You can also make one-of-a-kind combinations that speak right to your branding.
  2. Multiple Font Choices 
    Upload your favorite TTF-formatted fonts or choose from the multitude of available Google fonts to truly personalize our design tool to fit your branding or your customers desired effect.
  3. Design Side Management 
    Create 360° designs by adding your graphic creations to multiple sides of your t-shirts and other promotional items. All-around coverage is an easy way to let your inner creativity come through in your products and catch the attention of your target market coming and going.
  4. Custom Product Masking 
    Masking allows you to introduce sepia tones and turn full-color images into grayscale designs with the touch of a button. It’s the perfect way to create vintage looks and surreal photo effects.
  5. Easy To Use Templates
    Creating designs for yourself and your customers is easier than ever when you start with one of our premade graphic design templates. Choose the one that best fits your needs, then customize it to make it your own.

The small business marketing and branding you need is available on our website. If you need additional help DPRINT’s graphic design team is a mouse click away. Thoroughly peruse our website and take our design tool out for a test drive. Create the marketing products you need, then trust us to handle the printing, production, delivery, and installation. That’s what we like to call a strategic partnership and a win-win.