3 Ways Your Corporation Can Implement An Eco-Challenge


CEOs and the corporations they represent are always looking for ways to engage and interact with consumers. As many corporations set a goal of forging relationships with the target markets and local communities they serve, they look for methods that create easy, amiable, mutually beneficial connections. Making a commitment to the preservation of the environment is one way to make a positive connection with a triad of members of the marketplace – your local community, the world at large, and like-minded consumers. Since the environment is a concern for all of us, creating a corporate-based or corporate-sponsored eco-challenge is a great way to form strategic partnerships, spotlight corporate awareness and generosity, and reach a new market segment.

An eco-challenge is a fun, usually family-friendly campaign geared toward raising awareness of environmental needs and concerns. It’s further designed to unite a community of people in a concerted effort working toward a clearly identified goal. Creating a group challenge is easier than you might think it is. Here are three ways the corporation you represent can set new sustainability goals and convince your entire population of buyers and potential buyers to help you meet these goals in a triple triumph. You win. They win. The earth wins.

  1. Choose A Cause That Reaches Into Every Location You Serve
    While sustainability and environmental protection are the concern of people all over the world, people are more apt to respond to issues that directly affect their daily lives and the lives of their families. For example, drawing attention to the correlation between clean oceans and clean tap water will pique interest.
  2. Use Social Media To Spread Awareness of Your Cause
    Social media can play a huge role in reaching your existing ideal consumers and prospective customers. In addition to creating a simple, far-reaching way to draw attention to your cause, it also creates an easy way for your target market to help spread the word. Finally, social media draws a direct correlation from you to your consumer to your shared cause.
  3. Use Graphic Design To Promote Awareness of Your Campaign
    In addition to creating the branding that gets their attention on a daily basis, graphic design can also share your sustainability efforts with your target market. Skilled graphic designers – like the ones at DPRINT – can easily incorporate your existing branding into additional marketing materials, ad campaigns, and interior and exterior signage.

A corporate eco-challenge may give your company and its local, global, and regional operations a boost in the right direction. Not only can it help increase sales, it also has the ability to foster a new awareness of everyone’s social responsibility.  Creating a corporate-based or corporate-sponsored eco-challenge is a smart way to get the attention of your target market. It’s also a good idea to institute a long-term plan for corporate involvement. At DPRINT, our social responsibility and sustainability policy are hallmarks of our corporate policy, intentional commitment to our employees, and part of our everyday business practice. Join us in implementing your own corporate commitments and impacting the lives of your vendors, shoppers, and team members.