3 Ways Graphic Design Strengthens Your Internal Team

graphic design

Too many businesses think of graphic design as branding and marketing strategies used exclusively for outreach purposes. Interior branding, though, can also strengthen and support your business and undergird your employees. Whether your business is a major corporation, a thriving small business, or a small startup, branding and marketing campaigns will always function from the inside out. Internal graphic design is vital to your company’s success because the public’s perception of your business is created through every touchpoint in your company.

Graphic design is an easy way to unify all departments and to make sure everyone from the CEO to the retail sales associate is sending existing and potential clients and customers a unified message. Imagine the chaos that could ensue if your web designer uses a ten year old logo, your social media manager uses a five year old logo, and your retail location uses your latest logo. Here are three important reasons you want to make sure you send one consistent message to your internal team.

  1. Internal Branding Creates A Universal External Message
    One of the fundamental benefits of interior branding is its ability to keep your entire company on the same track. Sales, marketing, research and development, human resources, product descriptions, blog and social media management – every area and department of your company must function on the same page. Doing so means your company’s visual identity is clearly communicated at every turn. Franchises and chain stores thrive, in part, because of their instant recognizability. One business. One brand. Bring this same benefit to your business with universal external messaging from the inside out.
  2. Internal Branding Increases Productivity & Morale
    Customer-centered graphics campaigns are intended to create interest and draw a direct line to the purchase path. Similarly, internal graphic design consistency makes it easier for each department to do its job and draw a direct line first to the consumer, then to profitability. It establishes a clear line of communication from Point A to Point B. It also increases employee morale when staff members are rewarded for job performance and company loyalty with branded merchandise and company swag.
  3. Internal Branding Creates Visual Appeal & Pride
    Staff members working with branded items like letterhead, pens, key fobs, and business cards have a sense of professionalism and pride. When business cards, nameplates, and other items that recognize and promote their position are personalized with their name and title, these same employees experience a sense of belonging that shows in their work and keeps them striving to do more.

Poorly produced, rarely shared, and inconsistent graphic design can become extremely expensive and time-consuming. Creating a connection with your target market is done with consistent messaging. Building that crucial consistency starts from the inside out. When you’re ready to strengthen your internal graphic design and improve internal communication, call the award-winning team at DPRINT. We have the graphics expertise and marketing knowledge to help your business grow and expand while sticking to one graphic design message and creating a memorable visual identity.