3 Unbeatable Benefits of Our Versatile Fabric Table Runners

custom table runner

Setting your business apart from your competitors is tantamount to small business success. It’s so important that marketing should be one of your daily goals. That’s especially true when you’re attending and participating in live events. Vendor fairs, industry events, and job fairs are all places where you’ll encounter your ideal clients in large numbers. Draw them to your booth or table with a custom table runner. It’s an effective way to reach potential clients by strategically positioning yourself. It also reaches your existing fan and client base by displaying the logo and branding they’re already familiar with.

  1. Table Runners Are Multi-Purpose
    Custom table runners have a number of beneficial features. They promote a call to action and compel client engagement. What’s the goal of your attendance at live events? Are you trying to build an email list, sell products in person, increase awareness of your company, or take special orders for later delivery? Do you want to reach a new audience, upsell to an existing audience, or attract potential employees? Are you a food vendor offering samples or a jewelry maker selling custom pieces? Are you selling at a vendor fair, recruiting on a college campus, or a makeup artist offering free make overs and consultations? Whatever your reason is, our table runners will help you meet your goal.
  2. Table Runners Are Easy To Customize
    Ordering your custom table runner is fast and easy. Navigate to the table runners section of our DIY marketing website, choose the size of your table runner and click the red Design It button. Our clipart gallery, text gallery, and template gallery are at your disposal. Of course, you’re always free to upload your own images and fonts, just make sure you have any applicable rights and licenses to the images and fonts you choose. Finalize your design and we’ll professionally print and deliver it lightning fast.
  3. Table Runners Are Versatile
    Available in a variety of sizes, the full color table runners we offer are made of backless fabric. They’re long-lasting durability adds to their affordability. Small business marketing means using every marketing method and strategy at your disposal to grab attention and compel action from your ideal clients. What businesses require custom table runners? Authors, caterers, tradeshow vendors, seminar hosts, toy makers, conference producers, videographers, party planners – virtually anyone who hosts or participates in a live event. Want to make an even bigger impact? Try pairing a table runner with custom name badges to create a complete look and feel at your next live event.

How creative can you get when designing your custom table runner? Have fun with our design tool and let your creativity take over. Use our masking feature and layer colors, styles, and imagery to create a unique-to-you table runner. Make sure to include your logo, branding, website, and contact information. These critical pieces of information will help clients follow up with you after your live event is over. Visit MYDPRINT today to start designing your own suite of marketing products and promo pieces because your small business goal is to create effective marketing that gets results. Our goal is to help you meet yours.