3 Simple Ways To Brand Your Craft Brewery

Brand Your Craft Brewery

New craft breweries are opening every day offering new and exciting beer formulations and flavors. While your craft brewery may have the greatest tasting beer in town, it won’t matter if no one knows about it. That’s why creating and establishing a strong, distinct brand for your brewery is critical to your success. In addition to new beers and beer flavors, that means establishing two important areas of your brewery – marketing and branding. When you market your brewery, you tell your target market why they should buy your beer. When you brand your brewery, you give it a personality.

At MYDPRINT, we’ve created a comprehensive, innovative, DIY design tool that lets you create your own marketing tools and promo pieces to give your brand a voice. Creating a brand your target market responds to and comes to recognize is important. Sharing it in innovative ways is equally important. The three branding strategies below will help you position your brand for maximum viewing, maximum impact, and maximum exposure.

3 Easy To Brand Your Craft Brewery With Our Design Tool

  1. Walls
    Wrapping the walls of your brewery is a particularly strategic way to brand it. While patrons are enjoying your selection of beers, they’re also subtly familiarizing themselves with your branding. That means they’re able to connect with you on social media and other areas where they see your marketing materials outside of your establishment.
  1. Windows
    Foot traffic and street traffic play a huge role in marketing for brick and mortar establishments like retailers, restaurants, and breweries. When your windows are branded correctly, they invite the public in for tastings, samplings, happy hours, and enjoyment.
  2. Coasters
    Coasters are a natural marketing tool for breweries and other establishments that serve hot or cold beverages. They do more than protect your furnishing, they also promote your brand. They’re excellent promotional giveaway items and put your brand in front of your patrons with each refill. Try creating a series of coasters, each featuring a different beer variety or brewery fun fact.

Creating Your Custom Branded Pieces
Brand your craft brewery quickly and easily with our design tool. Start by watching the brief design tool tutorial on our YouTube channel, then jump right in and start creating. Take advantage of our huge image library or upload your own images – just make sure you have the appropriate rights and licenses if needed. Browse through our font library and use our masking tools and multiple design area options to design, combine, and incorporate the elements of your brand into a clean, fun, cohesive look.

Your brand has a personality. Our design tool lets you bring that personality to life, share it with your target market, and draw the right crowd into your brewery. Make sure every marketing and branding piece you create – from wall wraps to coasters – bears your logo, tagline, and contact info. A consistent look and feel go a long way toward leaving a lasting mark with your customers.

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