3 Simple Ways To Brand Your Restaurant’s Dining Room

brand your restaurant

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your restaurant. It’s where new dishes are created, entire menus are built, and individual ingredients are turned into delicious fare. It’s also where staff is trained, menu specials are created, and meals are artfully plated. While the kitchen may be where menu magic happens in your restaurant, the dining room is really its most important room. The dining room is where you really start to publicly brand your restaurant.

Your dining room is where your patrons experience your brand, where ambiance is created, and where those artfully plated meals are presented. When you’re ready to brand your restaurant – and its dining room – for success, start with these three important areas.

  1. Help Your Walls Tell Your Story
    Enveloping your dining room walls in your brand is a critical part of restaurant marketing. Of course, your logo is an easy and obvious feature that should be included throughout your entire establishment. Branding means more than simply putting your logo on something, though. It also means telling your brand’s story, displaying your brand’s personality, and sharing your brand’s message. Use the walls of your restaurant to creatively display photos of family members who started – or help with – your business, images of celebrities who frequent your business, or information on local non-profits your business supports.
  2. Turn Restaurant Windows Into Patron’s Eyes
    Pedestrian traffic plays a significant role in marketing your restaurant. Taking time to brand your restaurant can draw foot traffic through your doors for everything from appetizers to entrees to desserts. The key to effective windows is creating enough branding to tempt palates and taste buds without completely obscuring the view of the restaurant. In addition to creative windows, try positioning oversized menus so they’re clearly visible from the outside. It’s a sure way to draw hungry patrons inside.
  3. Design Customized Portable Marketing Tools
    Savvy marketers know the importance of leaving take-home marketing in their patron’s hands. With our design tool, you can create business cards, marketing postcards, custom coasters, branded bottle openers, and other imprintable promo pieces that put your restaurant’s brand on your tables, in your patron’s hands, and in their homes. Take time to ensure your suite of marketing tools create a cohesive presence with similar – but not necessarily identical – design elements.


It’s fast, easy, and affordable to brand your restaurant with our DIY design tool. Start by choosing the marketing and graphic design products you want to create. Click on each item, choose your item’s size, and start building your brand. Our design tool features an extensive image library and the ability to upload your own images and logos. It’s also packed with text tools and features, a huge font library, and design tools like image masking, multiple design areas, and image inversion. With our innovative design tool, you can help your restaurant’s personality shine.

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