3 DIY Ways To Brand Your Restaurant

restaurant branding

Creating a strong, powerful restaurant brand is as integral and important to the success of your restaurant as your menu. Perhaps even more so because potential patrons will see your branding before they ever taste your food. More than just displaying its logo, restaurant branding needs to tell customers a story, entice their palate, and, above all, be memorable and inviting.

Your brand tells patrons what your restaurant is about, the ambiance they can expect, and the type of food you serve. Sharing your brand on your website, social media channels, and through branded promo pieces are smart, strategic ways to familiarize the public with your restaurant. Our graphic design team coupled with our design tool makes it easy to take that branding a step further by incorporating it into the interior of your eatery with these top three branded items.

  1. Walls
    Because we’re industry leaders in fully-wrapped, branded interiors, you can wrap the walls of your restaurant in just about anything you wish. Our wall wraps are easy to customize and easy to apply. Whole-wall murals that turn your restaurant’s walls into brand boards are a strategic way to engage your patrons. Our wall graphics are made of sturdy, durable, heavyweight paper printed by our experienced team of experts. It’s a cost-effective, versatile way to create interior walls that display your brand and set the atmosphere. Leave your mark in your establishment with wall graphics that are custom-built for you.
  2. Table Throws
    Available in a variety of sizes, our table throws make it easy to brand every table in your restaurant or to brand entry tables, sales tables, or reserved and special event tables. Set the table for your brand, leave a lasting impression on your patrons, or use your custom table throws when you’re hosting tastings, participating in community events, or serving outdoor patrons. Custom tablecloths are also a natural way to display your branding if your restaurant offers catering services. Our table throws are easy to customize and easy to care for when you follow our simple instructions. They last for years (with the proper care) and boldly, effectively display your brand.
  3. Key Fobs
    Our easy to customize key fobs let you institute a customer loyalty program at your restaurant. When your restaurant offers a branded key fob, it can be used to promote membership perks, offer dine-in privileges, and provide loyalty discounts. Customer loyalty programs encourage return visits, foster a feeling of exclusivity, and lets your clientele carry your branding in their hand on an everyday basis. They’re longer lasting and more appealing than old-fashioned paper punch cards. Patrons are also more likely to carry them on their keychain than to hunt for a paper punch card in their purses or wallets.

Restaurant branding is easy to do on your own with our design tool and software. It’s easy to use, packed with images and fonts, and even lets you upload the existing images and fonts your patrons may already identify with. You creativity is your only limitation – plus our team of professionals is always here to help. We’re just a phone call or email away. Partner with us today and start creating a successful tomorrow for your restaurant.