3 Benefits of Wrapping Your Boat This Summer

wrap your boat

Whether your boat is for personal pleasure or business purposes, you want it to be in its best physical and mechanical condition. With the help of your boat maintenance crew, you can take care of the mechanics of keeping your boat running like the well-oiled machine it is. Similarly, with the help of our professional design team and certified installers, you can also make your boat into a vessel of beauty. It’s an easy and affordable feat when you wrap your boat in custom imagery and lettering with our design tool.

Whether you live in the beautiful year-round summery climate of Florida or wait all year for the summer weather that lets you take your boat out of dry dock, you want your boat to be beautiful. When you want your boat to look its best, wraps are a cost-effective, durable method of bestowing your boat with its name, imagery, or other custom display. While aesthetics are an important part of boat upkeep and maintenance, there are other important benefits to wrapping your boat.

  1. You can wrap your boat in custom vinyl decals for a fraction of what it would cost to have it sanded and painted. A custom boat wrap also takes significantly less time to install. It’s extremely durable, easy to maintain, and easy to remove when you’re ready for another change of pace. That’s because our wraps won’t damage your existing paint job or harm your vessel’s seaworthiness.
  2. If you use your boat for business – like a fishing charter or luxury cruise around the bay – you’ll love the ability to wrap your boat in your brand. If your boat is used for the personal enjoyment of you, your family, and friends, you’ll leave your mark with a personalized wrap. Display your own personality, share your brand with existing and potential boaters, and create a clean custom look and feel that enhances marketing – right on the water.
  3. Like your business, your boat’s look and feel tell a story. Of course, your story is always subject to change and enhancement. That’s why our boat wraps are as easily removable and easily customizable as they are easy to install and reinstall. When your mood or brand or personality undergo a change, upgrade, or uplift, our graphic design team will help you easily recreate and reinstall your boat wrap.

Watch our brief design tool tutorial here and get started creating your custom boat wrap with our innovative design tool. You can easily choose the make and model of your boat, choose the background colors and images, and select the text you need to name and to market your boat. It’s fast and easy to design your wrap on your own, but we’re always here to help when needed. Simply call us at (800) 888-8545 or email us for fast, reliable, professional help.


Wear your captain’s hat with pride, make your boat the best looking vessel on the water, or turn it into a marketing machine with custom wraps that set it apart from every other boat on the water. Don’t let your boat’s aesthetic appeal fall by the wayside. With our custom wraps, you can easily create the boat of your dreams.