10 Ways Product Tags Promote Your Brand

product tag ideas

As a small business owner, you know the power of strategic marketing, branding, and product placement. One of the ways you can position your brand right on your product is with product tags. The product tag ideas we share can help brand a plethora of products that include retail items like clothing, electronics, and home goods. Tags can also provide branding and information for industrial products like heavy equipment, furnishings, and retail machinery like cash registers and point of sale systems.

Product tags are also a simple, affordable way to keep your brand and its logo and message in the forefront of your ideal consumer’s minds. Make your mark with product tags with one – or all – of these product tag ideas:

  1. Product Spec Tags: Your product tags can share product sizes, care instructions, and company policy on returns
  2. Messaging Product Tags: Your product tags can help inform consumers about your company culture and share your message of customer care, societal concerns, and company philanthropy
  3. Operational Product Tags: Tell consumers the right way to use the products they purchase from you with clear instructions and simple written or icon-based tutorials
  4. Use and Care Product Tags: Your product tags can help keep your consumers safe with information like lock out instructions, end-care instructions, or user precautions
  5. Special Offer Product Tags: Use your product tags to offer discounts or coupons that encourage additional and add-on purchases
  6. Identification Product Tags: Use simple, branded product tags to identify products, equipment, shippable items, or employee’s personal belongings
  7. Informational Product Tags: The branded tags that accompany your products can provide important information for your consumers like directions, instructions, and guidelines
  8. Record Keeping Product Tags: Share tips for extending product durability, updated inspection records, and next steps
  9. Complementary Product Tags: Increase sales and impulse purchases by using your product tags to suggest go-together products or identify money-saving product bundles
  10. Inventory Control Product Tags: Your product tags can help you as much as they help your consumers when you use them to track inventory and control product loss

Your product tags are custom built for you and let your brand and logo shine. You can order as few or as many as you need and in any size you like. We also offer lamination in case you want to add short snippets of writing to your product tags. Also, we use only the most responsibly sourced, high quality, durable materials. That means your product tags are tough and versatile.

They’re also designed and printed by the professionals at DPRINT which means you can rest assured your product tags will last. Available fabrications include rigid and expanded foam PVC or aluminum in a variety of thicknesses. Choose from single-sided or double-sided tags depending on which product tag ideas you opt for.

Keep product tag designs simple and uncluttered with attention-grabbing images, effective calls to action, and consumer purchase incentives. Contact us today to start designing the branded product tags that attract attention, boost sales, increase brand awareness, and make it easy for consumers to share your products with friends, family, and colleagues.