10 Small Business Marketing Strategies

small business marketing strategies

Like most small business owners, you probably have two chief priorities for your business – finding new customers and making new sales to your existing customers. That means devising small business marketing strategies that make customer acquisition a readily achievable goal. Start acquiring customers by painting a crystal-clear picture of your ideal consumer. With that picture in mind, you’ll be able to focus your marketing toward the right target.

Creating a functional picture of your ideal consumer makes your marketing efforts far more effective than simply marketing to everyone. Creating that customer profile means describing your customers in detail including their age, gender, ethnicity, income, disposable income, priorities, shopping preferences, and even their physical makeup. Find out if your ideal consumer is fashion-conscious, keeps up with the latest trends in electronics and technology, is a vegan, vegetarian, Keto, or gluten-free eater. These additional ten tips will help you increase your customer base and decrease your cost of customer acquisition at the same time.

  1. Find out how your ideal consumer searches for products – online or in-store
  2. Find out how your ideal consumer buys products – online or in-store
  3. Extend your SEO beyond your online presence and onto posters, banners, and in-store signs
  4. Identify a strategic partnership that has intrinsic value for both partners
  5. Build relationships with your ideal consumers while developing and growing your brand
  6. Share your brand’s message and story while building brand awareness
  7. Get to know the subsegments of your target audience
  8. Survey new and existing customers and get the marketing info you need from the best source
  9. Don’t limit your networking to fellow SBO’s – instead, network with groups that include strategic partners and potential consumers
  10. Start – and advertise – customer incentives like VIP programs and frequent buyer sales and discounts

The small business marketing strategies you employ can help your business grow – especially if you put the power of graphic design to work for your business. The power of graphic design can help you leverage each of the strategies listed above to grow your customer base. Graphic design can create a logo, tell a color story, and develop an image library that combine to form an entire visual identity and print marketing strategy.

Learning about your target market is one of the best small business marketing strategies you can employ because all these traits make it easier to speak their language and create marketing they’ll respond to. This information can help you choose colors, fonts, words, and phrases that make a connection with your ideal consumers. When you are ready to use graphic design to increase your success at customer acquisition and decrease its related costs, contact the innovative graphic design team at DPRINT.

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