Press Release: Dprint – SGIA’s Sustainable Business Recognition Award

Douglass Screen Printers Inc, DBA Dprint has been awarded the SGIA’s Sustainable Business Recognition Award! SGIA supports the implementation of sustainable practices throughout the industry and is honored to provide you this recognition for your efforts. Dprint, along with other worthy recipients, will be featured in a press release and on the SGIA website next week for Earth Week.

“Sustainability is about more than the environment. It’s about business efficiencies, reducing waste and conserving resources. And it’s critical to your success,” said Marci Kinter, SGIA’s Vice President, Government & Business Information. “That said, reductions in air, water and power usage all have a very real impact on your bottom line, and streamlined operations can save labor as well as materials and utilities, improving all-round efficiency.”

SGIA’s Sustainable Business Recognition award spotlights member companies that have implemented projects that improved employee safety and health, reduced environmental impact and Improved business efficiency.

For more information, please contact Lisa Hickey at 863-581-0698 or call us U.S. Toll Free // 800.888.8545